Spending hours in front of TVs,computers,tablets,smartphones,PS4s and X-boxes, the kids of this generation are losing out an important learnings that can be acquired only when they go out to play. Moreover, with the busy schedule of parents, family-time is gradually becoming a real struggle.

But with Bumble Jumble, now you can spend quality time with your child, watch them enjoy & learn together, and gift them ‘ek acchi aadat’!

  • Age-appropriate games for every child from 1 to 13 years of age
  • Thoughtful games that will help your child in cognitive development
  • With innovative activities designed for toddlers, now your little one will grow faster
  • Play avenues that enhance your kid’s communication skills, imagination power, concentration, logic and reasoning
  • Witness your child getting physically active, with an enhanced affinity for sports
  • Parent-child games will now turn your family into superbly bomded one !

So now, be a Bumbler Jumbler and get ready for unlimited fun and countless smiles for your entire family !