At Bumble Jumble we have Two Different Party Halls for hosting Birth Day Parties,Baby Showers,Kitty Parties and any Other Occasions.

Birthday Parties

Bumble Jumble is Equipped with Two Party Hall and an In-House Restaurant which makes it a wonderful Birthday Party destination.Party hall can be decorated with best of Birthday Themes.

Special Events

As having a huge area of 10000 Sq Ft and capacity of 200 Kids Bumble Jumble is always interested to host a special event, like school field trips, parent-toddler group mornings, kids product or book launches.

Kitty Parties

Kids Playing and Mummas Chatting!!!! is just a cliche in Bumble Jumble,We host Kitty parties on regular basis.

Festive Events and Family Gatherings

With In-house restaurant and 2 Party halls,Bumble Jumble is a favorite Venue to celebrate major Indian and international holidays, like Children’s Day, Republic Day, Easter, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas,Raksha Bandhan, Etc